Jurassic Coast Challenge 24th/25th June 2023

So you want a challenge this summer?
Are looking for spectacular scenery and challenging terrain?
You want to raise funds for a brilliant charity that conserves, protects and educates people about England’s only natural World Heritage site, the Jurassic Coast?


The Jurassic Coast Trust are working with Climb South West to allow you to enter their various challenge distances along the Jurassic coast this June. You can choose from 30km up to 100 miles.

Event website Jurassic Coast 100

We have arranged for you to get a 50% discount on your entry fee to your chosen distance. By using this code to enter, you are agreeing to enter the event as part of ‘Team JCT’ and agree to raise the minimum amounts as shown below through fundraising. Please note, we cannot guarantee there will be representatives from the Jurassic Coast Trust on each of the challenge distances, but a few members of staff are intending to do the 100 mile challenge.

Once you have decided which distance is best for you, let us know and we will send you your unique discount code. We only have a limited number of spaces on each, so please let us know as soon as you can. We also need to arrange team training, so would ideally like you to register by the end of March.

30km         Registration £24.50, minimum fundraising amount £150
50km         Registration £34.00, minimum fundraising amount £200
100km         Registration £49.50, minimum fundraising amount £250
100 miles     Registration £84.00, minimum fundraising amount £350

By entering, you are agreeing to the terms as set out by the event organiser (Climb South West) as part of the online registration process*.

By agreeing to do the challenges to raise funds for Jurassic Coast Trust, you will receive our full support. For our team entrants there will also be:

1. Group Fitness Training – A dedicated group training session delivered on-site by Emotion Fitness Hub (Poole). Date to be agreed.
2. On site group meet up – we will identify the best location along the route for a group meet up and plan a date. This will be a good chance to ask any questions and potentially meet others on your particular challenge.


Email us at info@jurassiccoast.org with Jurassic Challenge in the subject and please state:

- Full Name
- Distance of challenge you want to do
- Contact information
- Location i.e. Poole, Bridport (just so we can understand where entrants are based)

1.    A unique link just for you to register for the challenge
2.    Detailed instructions of how to set up your fundraising page
In time, we will also send you some options of dates for training sessions and organise these based on when the majority of people can make them.

*The Jurassic Coast Trust accepts no liability for entrants to the challenges. By registering, you are agreeing to the terms as set out by the organiser (Climb South West) in terms of understanding the physical requirements and personal safety involved in these challenges.




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